Top Questions To Ask When Choosing An International School In Bangkok

Traversing from one continent to another with your family is exciting. However, it comes with its own bit of challenges especially if you have school going kids.  You will not want to disrupt their school year with every new move you make. Therefore, having your child attend an international school is usually the best choice for you as parent. This ensures it that if you move to a new city, your children will easily fit in an international school in Bangkok.

But how does a parent ensure they pick the right international school in a new country? Here are the top questions to ask when looking for a good school for your child as recommended by ukthailand.

What curriculum does the school follow?

This is one of the most important questions a parent must ask. Since you are moving into a new country and there is the likelihood of you moving again, you want a curriculum that is truly international. One where your children can get it in another country.

What is the experience of the teaching staff?

Always confirm the educational and professional background of the teaching staff. They should be well trained in teaching the curriculum with a track record of experience. Also ask whether the teachers participate in seminars to better their skills. Education is dynamic, and as such, a good international school must offer its teachers an opportunity to grow by attending educational workshops.

How big are the classes?

Teacher-student ratio is key. The teacher should be able to interact with all the students during a lesson. The smaller the numbers of students per teacher, the better. Where the classes are slightly bigger, check the number of teaching assistants.

Does the school participle in extra curricula activities?

Activities such as sports and performing arts are important in the overall growth of your child. Ask what activities children can participate in. If your child has a particular creative activity they love, inquire whether that is offered in the school.

How has the school performed in exams in recent years?

You want to know the schools past achievements and whether it is a good fit for your child. If a school has been performing poorly consistently, then that should be crossed off your list.

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